welcome to the world of mo

mo’s fine art side is her emotional outlet for her instinct to share her experiences and studies of both animals and art techniques.  both of these are derived through her experiences while achieving her mfa. 

after receiving her bfa and being out in the world with good feedback for a few years .... mo realized she wanted to learn more both about her art and animals and decided an mfa program would be the largest jump in that quest for both !!

the first two years of her program led to a lot of experimentation with both failures and successes.  mo shares the failures as much as the successes ... ‘it might make me appear as less of a master but i strive to do things my own way so that it stays ‘mo’s art’ ..... as well as in sharing it tells my story and hopefully inspires or intrigues others.”  throughout mo’s life she has always coached or taught in all her endeavors ... sharing it at her core as a person and an artist.

this site contains many styles but mo’s main style ... her defining style is the ‘ballpoint pen’.  this technique mo developed during her mfa.  she often found herself sketching in pen because if travels well.  but also while traveling through an airport she ran into an artists friends old roommate who was blind.  she was very intrigued feeling the textures created by the pen in mo’s sketchbook.  this is shown more in some of mo’s fine art pieces which in person often intrigue the view to wanting to touch. 

the ballpoint illustration technique is highly influenced from working in printmaking as well as loving the old engraved illustrations of the early 1900s ... turn-of-that-century illustrators. this is highly visible in her illustrations of her masters project written by her daughter, lauren parent.  the illustration technique is at its strongest on illustration board mixed with the use of electric erasers, watercolor and color pencil.

this site has works from her early days entering her bfa to current works.  this is just a sampling ... feel free to contact mo for projects, use rights or purchase of originals.

ps the writings show her grade school fascination with e.e.cummings but the “...” symbolize her continual thought process which  in person may come across more as rambling from one point to another.

above all ... mo hopes you have fun strolling through the site !!!