during her BFA program, at the academy of art in san francisco, mo learned as much as she could about the disciplines of art.  she focused on traditional painting and drawing so when she entered her MFA it was to develop her skills at story telling and her own unique style.

while in both her BFA and MFA programs she had a chance to work in printmaking where she developed a love for texture.  mo loved watercolor and painting but knew there were so many others who were as good or better in the more traditional disciplines.  taking on her love of the ink pen, drawing and texture she slowly developed her unique technique.  she found the ink pen to dark and not enough variations, but from her experiences while sketching on her travels on BART to school and work, she realized the ballpoint pen would work  . . . or should work.


so bringing in the knowledge of blending color pencils with electric erasers, a technique learned in a scientific illustration class outside of school.  she begun testing with the ballpoint pen and illustration board.  her first run at this technique is the letter R which appears in her book ALPHABET KINGDOM.

every brand of board, paint, etc . . . creates a different feel.  it definitely is not an overnight drawing,  but is definitely a style mo loves to work in.   at times mo steps away and uses other materials in the studio,  but then no art is created in a vacuum as some say.   mo has to admit she loves the technique she has developed.

mo’s unique interaction of characters and scenarios are credited to her studies in graphic novel and storyboarding as well as all the artist statements she had to write in print classes.   mo has learned to love to analyze where her art comes from as much as creating it.   COMiC-CON is  among her favorite places to get inspired.  “whenever i go i come back to the studio wanting to do nothing but draw and create for a wide spectrum of avenues.”

her technique also allows for two drawings.  first a black and white, that can be as finished as it needs to be, and then the finished colored work.  samples of this can be seen in the photos to the left or click the below for some detail images.

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